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Underwater Videography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million.  Underwater video captures what is impossible to show with a still photo, it helps convey the scope of the underwater landscape, and more than just images, it helps convey the feeling of being underwater.

Fantasea Dive specializes in underwater videography. We have produced commercial videos for over 15 years, filming hundreds of hours of video footage and capturing many magical moments for our guests, clients, and our website. 

Jason Sartain, the owner of Fantasea Dive studied photography and videography, and has been filming and editing underwater video for over 15 years all over the world, some of his footage has even been featured on National Geographic and History Channel documentaries. 

Jason films many of our dives, and we offer our guests the opportunity to purchase the video footage from the dive, edited with a music soundtrack added on DVD after the dives.  It’s a great memento, for you to remember your dives and share your diving experience with friends and family.  A 2 tank dive usually ends up at about 15-20 minutes, and the DVD also includes an hour of video footage collected from various sites in and around Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel  set to great chillout background music.  We can also rent you an underwater video camera / housing setup (contingent upon our assessment of your basic diving skills being suitable to handle a large video camera underwater).  Click here for Underwater Camera Rental Rates.




1 Day / 2 Tanks

2 Days / 4 Tanks

3 Days / 6 Tanks







Underwater Videography Course 

Learn to shoot underwater like the Pros and create videos that are interesting, entertaining and worth watching again and again.  In this 2 day Underwater Videography Course you will gain hands-on experience using and maintaining digital underwater video cameras, as well as learning video editing and producing a finished DVD of your edited footage. 

At the completion of the course you will receive a speciality diving certification from PADI.

What You'll Learn in the Course

  • Selecting maintaining and caring for your underwater video equipment including the housing
  • Videography fundamentals, such as
       · exposure
       · focus
       · shot types
       · moves
       · shot sequencing
  • Storytelling Techniques
  • Interaction with Marine Life
  • The post-dive editing process where you take your raw footage and create an underwater masterpiece

The first day you are in the water making two dives with your video instructor collecting footage.  The second day we review the footage, edit it using computer software and create a DVD, and can also create clip that can be uploaded to your Facebook, YouTube or other social networking account to show your friends your scuba diving experience.

By the time you complete the course, you’ll have gone through the entire basic video production process.

COURSE COST $250 - includes                        

  • 2 Dives on Day 1
  • DVD of your edited footage after Day 2
  • VideoPro Editing Software


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