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 Join one of our seasoned, full cave guides on a cave exploration around Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Puerto Morelos today! We offer cave dives to most cave systems here in the Yucatan as well as Deep Ocean and Wreck dives. Trimix, stage tanks, DPV scooter, and full cave equipment rental available.

  Contact us for all your tech diving requests at info@fantaseadive.com .

  You can watch us in action here. Jason is in the doubles and Roman is using sidemount. We love exploring the cave systems here in the Yucatan...come join us for some cave diving next time you're down!

Guided Experience Dives for certified cave divers

 1 Cave dive with double tank set         165 USD

 2 cave dives with 1 double tank           215 USD

 2 Cave dives with 2 double tank sets    245 USD

 These prices include full transportation from shop to cenotes, park entry fees, tanks, weights, lunch/drinks, guide fee and all associated taxes. This does not include equipment rental. Full cave equipment rental is 100 USD per day. Nitrox 32 is 7 USD per tank extra and Nitrox 36 is 8 USD per tank extra.  

 Video services are available so you can take part of the beauty of the cenotes home with you.

 We offer Cavern through Full Cave certification courses as well as specialty courses and technical cave diver courses are available if you have the time and the desire to see more.

PADI Cavern course      380 USD

Prices on request:

 -Intro to Cave course

 -Full Cave course

 -Advanced Nitrox

 -Decompression Procedures



Cave systems around the Riviera Maya

 Carwash or Aktun Ha -  The local name Aktun Ha means water cave in the Mayan language. Carwash, once used for washing taxis, is located 8 km west of Tulum on the road to Coba. Opening hours are 8 am - 5 pm every day of the week. There are bathrooms but no restaurant. The distance from gear up area to the water is about 10 meters. Gear assembly tables are available.

Most of the cave system is fresh water, the salt water begins at 21m / 70 ft. The cave is highly decorated in various rooms and several different passageways upstream and downstream. Maximum depth is 27 m / 90 ft with over 3030 m / 10,000 ft of permanent guideline installed.

Best dives are the room of tears, Adrianas room, the cell block, the white room, chambers of the ancients, Satans silthole, the basement and the drain.

Grand Cenote - This cenote is part of the systema Sac Actun, which means white cave in the Mayan language. Grand Cenote is 4 km west of Tulum on the road to Coba. Opening hours are 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week. Bathrooms are available and a restaurant has been built, but is not in operation yet. The distance from gear up area is about 50 meters with staircase along the way. Gear assembly tables are available.

The whole cave is fresh water and is considered one of the best caves in the entire area. Highly decorated and white in color every where you go. Downstream is rather small but upstream features large tunnels and rooms. Maximum depth is 12 m / 40 ft or less. Impressive cave. Due to exploratory efforts a number of caves have been connected to the overall permanent installed line in system of 79,617 m / 261,211 ft.

Best dives are the Cuza Nah loop, paso de Lagartos tunnel, Calimba cenote traverse, Bosh Chen traverse and circuit.

Temple of Doom or Calavera - The original name is Cenote Esqueleto but somehow ended up as being known as Calavera. Located 2 km west out of Tulum on the road to Coba. Opening hours 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week. No bathrooms and no restaurant. No gear up tables. Walk from gear up area to entrance about 120 meters.

Halocline is present during most dives with white ambiance with cristal clear blue salt water. Several large rooms and a variety of passageways wih cave formations located in several areas. Upstream and downstream passages with max depth of 19 m / 63 ft. Permanent line installed in the cave system is 6060 m / 20,000 ft.

Best dives are the Madonna passage, the hall of giant rooms, the fang room, the Coliseum room and the tannic domes circuit.

Dos Ojos - Literally translated "two eyes" (Ojos in Spanish). Located between Akumal and Tulum, just south of Xel Ha and about 48 km south of Playa del Carmen on the highway 307. From the highway a dirt road leads 4 km west to the actual cave entrance and cenotes. Opening hours 8 am - 6 pm every day of the week. On the way to the main entrance of Dos Ojos several entrances are passed such as high voltage, monolito and dos palmas. Bathrooms are available at the main entrance. plenty of gear up tables are available. Walk to the water about 60 meters with stairs along the way. Small food stall is selling refreshment drinks and chips.

A variety of cave dives upstream or downstream can be completed in this massive cave system passing several cenotes on the way. Depth is 12 m / 40 ft with max depth in the Pit 119 m / 391 ft. Permanent guideline installed in the system 56,803 m / 175,870 ft.

Best dives are the downstream traverse to the river run and upstream to the IMAX line where the movie 'Journey into Amazing Caves' and part of the movie 'The Cave' was shot.

Taj Mahal - Called so for the splendor to be seen below the surface. Located 28 km south of Playa del Carmen, just 5 km south of Puerto Aventuras. Opening hours 10 am - 8 pm every day of the week. Bathrooms are available at the site with a restaurant located at the entrance to the property. Gear up tables available with 50 meters to the water and stairs along the way.

Cave dives downstream and upstream with max depth of 18 m / 60 ft. Total installed permanent guideline in the system 5,361 m / 17,587 ft.

Best dives are into the Jumma river, cenote buena vista, room of cheers, cenote sagrado, city of Agre room, cenote Nachich and the Chinese garden.

Eden or Ponderosa - lLocated 3 km south of Puerto Aventuras. Opening hours 8 am - 5 pm Sunday - Friday. Saturdays closed. Bathrooms are available on site as well as gear up tables. No restaurant on site. Shaded rest areas with chairs and tables. Distance to the water from gear up area 25 meters with stairs along the way.

Cave dives upstream or downstream with max depth of 15 m / 50 ft. Permanent guideline installed in the system 15,019 m / 49,274 ft.

Best dives to a variety of close by cenotes such as little Joe, Agua Azul, Crystalino, Chiken ha and Kantun Chi as well as the river run passages and the Chapel room.

Chak Mool or Jaguar Cave - Located just south of Puerto Aventuras to the west some 22 km south of Playa del Carmen with opening hours 10 am - 5 pm every day of the week. One bathroom available at cenote with restaurant Anita available at property entrance. Plenty of gear up tables available with about 30 meters to the water with stairs along the way.

Most dives will be within the halocline at 10 m / 33 ft. with a max depth of 30 m / 100 ft. Overall installed permanent guideline in this cave system 9,193 m / 30,160 ft.

Best dives upstream beyond cavern zone into Chandelier room and ll the way to Pakal cenote. Downstream to the Cauc Na (Monster House), the world's largest underwater flowstone Xix Ha Tunich.


Book your one-on-one, personalized cave diving experience with us today!

 Email us at info@fantaseadive.com .



We offer full guiding service on the walls and wrecks within the Riviera Maya.

 The wrecks of the Riviera Maya were intentionally sunk to create artificial reefs and have extra holes cut into them to allow light to penetrate them. All wrecks are located within ocean current areas and are very well suited for diving, training and photography.

Cozumel Wreck- Originally built in Tampa, Florida at the Wilson Marine Shipworks in 1944. This Wreck measures 184 feet long, 33 feet wide and 40 feet high from keel to the top of the super structure, this ship was put into service as mine sweeper for the US Navy as SCUFFLES.

In 1962 this boat was sold to the Mexican Navy, converted to an Admiral Class gun boat and named and numbered FELIPE XICOTANCATL C-53. From 1962 to 1999 she patrolled the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean sea serving in rescue missions and patrolling for illegal arms and drugs.

After 55 years of service C-53 was decommissioned and later donated to Cozumel Island Marine Park. C-53 was sunk in 1999 in 82’ of water just off shore from Chankanaab Park.

This dive site is the only wreck dive in Cozumel. The C-53 is a very popular dive for pleasure diving and an excellent training location for divers interested in any level of Wreck Diving Training.

Playa del Carmen Wreck Mama Viña - Conditions: Mild to Strong current is to be expected usually moving to the north. Minimum depth: 21m (70ft). Maximum depth: 30m (100ft). Average Visibility: 30m (100ft).

This former shrimp boat was intentionally sunk in 1995 for divers by the Xcaret corporation. Since then, the coral growth has proceeded rapidly on this artificial reef. With a maximum depth of 30m (100ft) and the possibility of strong currents, this dive is for the experienced diver. Jump into the water south of the wreck and maintain a depth of 10m (30ft) until you see the bow of the wreck, which is easily seen from a distance.

Once close, descend to the bottom and drift along the side of the wreck until you reach the stern. From here it is recommended to move up into the lower deck and you can explore through the windows the inside rooms. Afterwards move to the top level where the helm and party deck are found.

When it is time to ascend simply let yourself go with the current while making your way up to your safety stop.

Puerto Morelos Wreck - The wreck in Puerto Morelos is a sister ship of the one in Cozumel with same history and dimensions. The C56, also know as "Juanita" rests at 90 feet / 27 meters to the sand. Currents can be strong and a pair of Eagle Rays is living at the wreck.

Cancun Wrecks - The two wrecks in Cancun are sister ships of the one in Cozumel with a similar history. They lay at 90 feet / 27 meters to the sand. One of them has broken up during Huricane Wilma in October 2005.


Please contact us at info@fantaseadive.com for price quotes for guided wall dives, wreck dives or wreck training.

Below is a video of the 'el Cantil wall off Playa del Carmen with a KISS Explorerer mCCD rebreather!